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Project & Construction Management

Integration is the Name of the Game!

We have the proven expertise and ability to provide seamless integration through all stages of your construction projects.

From conceptual design to project closeout, we provide proactive problem-solving solutions for residential and commercial construction projects.

Our services make projects more efficient by controlling costs, schedules and the scope of work without compromising quality.

Project Management Work Flow Chart

Our PM consulting services incorporate our experience in planning, engineering and management to provide services such as:

As the Owner's representative, our PM consultants can augment your existing team to work on your behalf. Our approach includes: minimizing design and construction costs; maximizing project flexibility while maintaining project delivery time; mitigating project risks; and implementing continual process development through clear and consistent project team communication.

Contracts are typically drafted to shift risk down to lower tiered parties as part of many risk management strategies. Sky Castle recognizes this trend and provides our Clients with thorough analysis and recommendations for contracts with regard to its performance requirements. We will propose modifications to ensure you are the most protected while maintaining a fair and equitable balance.

Before investing your time, energy and money into a project, the most important question to ask is "How much?". Answering this question incorrectly during the concept development phase will assuredly lead to project cost overruns and schedule delays during the project life-cycle. Our experience positions us to provide you with conceptual project budgets that address the economic feasibility of your project from the onset. Sky Castle's cost estimating services can assist with conceptual budgets, preliminary estimates, bid estimates or contract pricing. Our primary goal in cost estimating is to monetarily quantify as many of the assumptions and risks as possible, so that you can make the best decision in determining the overall course of the project.

Our cost management services, combined with schedule management, integrate the project into the bigger picture to identify potential interferences with, impact to, or competition for limited resources, often prior to impacting any project milestones. Proactive cost management allows you to make informed decisions to ensure your project is completed within the allotted budget.

Effective project management requires developing and maintaining a detailed project schedule for all life-cycle phases and is imperative to the success of your project, despite the simplicity or complexity. Ideally, schedule management starts early in the planning phase so that each task associated with design, bidding, construction, and commissioning is scheduled to avoid any project delays. Sky Castle consultants apply years of experience through a variety of industries to establish project schedules and provide recurring reviews and updates as the project progresses. Utilizing the Critical Path Method (CPM), we prepare and update master schedules that portray summary level activities for each phase of your project.

Our schedule management services, combined with cost management, integrates the project into the bigger picture to identify potential interferences with, impact to, or competition for limited resources, often prior to impacting any project milestones. Proactive schedule management allows you to make informed decisions to ensure your project is completed on time.

As certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), Sky Castle utilizes standard industry scheduling methods and software to develop, monitor and report the progression of construction projects such that our Clients are informed quickly and accurately of project events, potential risks and corrective actions. Understanding the upcoming critical path to the project allows the project team to adjust as necessary to ensure all project requirements are successfully implemented, including budget and schedule.

Sky Castle consultants have extensive experience developing and managing the change order process for Owners, architects, engineers, prime contractors and subcontractors on multimillion dollar projects. Resolving change order situations early minimizes our Clients costs and avoids schedule disruptions or contract disputes. Our PM consultants can price analyze or validate a requested or proposed change order for our Client through the project's duration.

As licensed National Standard Building Contractors, Sky Castle consultants perform on-site construction inspections either to review a specific issue or to provide status of an overall project. We monitor and inspect the construction progress as it develops throughout the duration of the project. Should any inspection result in less than desireable results, the PM consultant is extensively trained to lead the project team back to the project and contract requirements through effective communication, leadership and oversight.

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We will collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities while being mindful of the big picture.

Sky Castle's project management (PM) consultants work closely with owners, architects, engineers, prime contractors and subconstractors to ensure that priorities are established, tasks are coordinated and your project is delivered on time, and within budget.