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Meet the Team

Detail-oriented and highly qualified USMC veteran, Project Management Professional (PMP), and insured and licensed National Standard Building Contractor (Class B), exceeding 14 years of experience in aerospace and construction management. Adept at leading diverse teams through the completion of complex projects while ensuring high levels of performance, productivity, quality and delivery. Enthusiastic, approachable, proactive and resourceful. Successful in team-oriented projects and proficient in individual assignments. Proven ability to thrive in fast-paced environments. Advanced communication skills catered to an array of audiences - both internal and external to the organization. Efficient and confident in problem solving, decision making, prioritization, planning and negotiating. Capability to devise innovative approaches, maintain confidentiality, effectively influence and motivate others, and retain positive stakeholder perception.
Atmospheric Monitoring Strategy for Ground Testing of Closed Ecological Life Support Systems - January 2004

This paper reviews the evolution and current state of atmospheric monitoring on the International Space Station to provide context from which we can imagine a more advanced and integrated system. The unique environmental hazards of human space flight are identified and categorized into groups, taking into consideration the time required for the hazard to become a threat to human health or performance. The key functions of a comprehensive monitoring strategy for a closed ecological life support system are derived from past experience and a survey of currently available technologies for monitoring air quality. Finally, a system architecture is developed incorporating the lessons learned from ISS and other analogous closed life support systems. The paper concludes by presenting recommendations on how to proceed with requirements definition and conceptual design of an air monitoring system for exploration missions.

The Pressurized Logistics Module: Providing Consumables and Resupply Logistics to the Lunar Surface for a Long-duration Manned Mission - March 2008

In response to President Bush's 2004 Vision for Space Exploration initiative, NASA established an agency-wide Lunar Architecture Team (LAT) to develop the high-level requirements, assumptions, ground-rules and objectives for a manned mission to the moon. During Phase II of the evaluation, the Habitation Focus Element Group was directed to conceptually develop and design a Pressurized Logistics Module (PLM). The PLM task was delivered with one major requirement: to derive a system with minimal mass and cost, and a maximum, functional, internal volumetric area in order to provide the maximum amount of consumables, supportability and logistic re-supply for a crew of four to the Lunar surface with an overall integrated maximum weight of 5200kg. The PLM was derived from the Habitation Group s "mini-Hab" option. This concept required that the PLM have an aluminum-clad graphite epoxy external truss, utilized for increased mobility and stability, which would encompass a 2.7 meter diameter pressurized aluminum-lithium cylinder. Several trade studies and analyses were performed to determine the final length and orientation of the module, the number of systems required to maintain the PLM, and the number of hatches/mating mechanisms which would successfully and efficiently meet the requirements. Of the five specific configurations assessed, the PLM was determined to have a 3 meter by 3 meter by 5 meter external truss with a 2.7 meter diameter and 5 meter long horizontal, pressurized cylinder with one hatch/mating mechanism on one end cone. Two major assumptions aided in the formulation of the technical baseline: 1) the PLM should be sustainable for up to 18 months on the Lunar Lander without connection to its final destination, the Lunar Outpost, and 2) it must be self-sufficient to withstand a maximum eight hour transit from the Lander to the Outpost. Per these assumptions, eight major systems constitute the PLM: structures, passive mating, protection, power, thermal, avionics, life support and outfitting. Including a conservative 20% growth, the overall estimated tare weight for the PLM was determined to be 2181kg. The tare weight of the design allowed the available internal volume of the cylinder with a 0.20 meter high floor to transport the maximum of either 176 single Crew Transfer Bags (CTBs) or 3019kg.

Business / Project / Construction Manager

2016 to present

  • Oversee the planning, design and construction of residential real estate (new builds, pop-tops, renovations).
  • Budget estimation, subcontractor selection and construction management for commercial renovations.
  • Engage in public safety, time management, cost management, quality management, decision making.
  • Perform bid selection using best-value selection and implementing contracts.
  • Maximize resource efficiency through procurement of labor, materials and equipment.
  • Implement various operations through proper coordination and control of planning, design, estimating, contracting and construction in the entire process.
  • Develop effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts.

Project Manager

2013 to 2016

  • Develop, administer, review and execute customer contracts, task orders and project directives.
  • Provide project control, resource management, financial management and project reporting.
  • Responsible for change order management of multiple projects to include scope, cost, schedule and risk.
  • Establish procedures to ensure deliverables meet established engineering and project requirements.
  • Responsible for compliance with customer requirements and standards.
  • Create and maintain excellent customer relationships.
  • Participate in customer negotiations.

Project Manager

2005 to 2013

Positions Held: Project Manager, Deputy Project Manager, Project Operations Manager, Senior Staff Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Engineer, Test Engineer, Education & Public Outreach Lead

  • Create, update, report and execute project plans, budgets, schedules, procurements, resources, change orders, scope of work, and deliverables utilizing internal team and contracted resources.
  • Organize, lead, facilitate and manage cross-functional teams to successfully execute projects and exceed customer expectations in a dynamic business environment.
  • Plan, identify, evaluate and quantify risks. Develop risk response strategy, mitigation and plans.
  • Project management skills including time/risk management, resource prioritization and project structuring.
  • Oversight of design, development, requirements, procurement, fabrication, assembly, test, verification, validation, certification, and delivery.
  • Initiate development of and implementation of project-specific process, reviews and status: quality review process, drawing checklist, drawing review process, and manufacturing status.
  • Coordinate 150+ education and public outreach events which reached 23,000+ students, educators and the public in support of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
  • Provide leadership skills, including teambuilding, conflict resolution and management.

Systems Engineer

2004 to 2005

Positions Held: Systems Engineer, Configuration Manager

  • Lead conceptual design and development team in maturity of high-level requirements, concepts of operations, master equipment lists, and models for a pressurized consumable and resupply logistics module.
  • Initiated, developed and implemented the project documentation and data management plan, and the project configuration management plan.

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

University of Houston

Minor in Mathematics

University of Houston

Marketing Systems, Wholesaling Bootcamp, Rehab Bootcamp

Fortune Builders Mastery

Real Estate Redevelopment and Business Operations

Residential Assisted Living Academy

Project ManagementConstruction Management
Proposal DevelopmentContract Negotiations
Contract ManagementBudget Management
Schedule ComplianceQuality Control
Quality AssuranceQuality Management
Risk ManagementRisk Assessment
Business DevelopmentBudgeting
Change ManagementDocumentation
MS ExcelEditing
Financial AnalysisLeadership Development
New Business DevelopmentNetworking
NegotiationOperations Management
MS PowerPointPublic Speaking
MS SharePointTeam Building
TypingTechnical Writing
VisioVendor Management
MS WordEngineering
Systems IntegrationResource Management
Configuration ManagementTesting

Country: United States

Branch: United States Marine Corps

Commendations: Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran

Project Management Professional (PMP)

October 2015 to Present

National Standard Building Contractor (Class B)


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Sky Castle Real Estate is truly committed to helping each individual customer. We focus on fast response, integrity and over-delivering on customer service. By putting the customer’s needs first, whether selling or buying a home, we can help you realize your real estate goals.

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